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Certified Specilaity Drone Services

We provide a number of specality services using the best hardware and software technology available to us. Since CASA started regulating commerical drone flights in Australia there have been year upon year of tighter restrictions and increased compliance pushed back on to the operators. At Rencon Aerial Surveys we are committed to providing the best, safest and most efficient service by embracing technology we can use that benefits our staff on the ground and the client engaging us.

Our skilled remote pilots have been trained by one of the best certified CASA training providers in Australia. Careful planning has to be put into each and every flight as that of a commercial fixed wing pilot so every risk is taken into account. To learn more about what we can offer please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us diect on 1300 RENCON (736 266). 


About our Process


  • CASA Certified Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operator’s Certificate Holder (ReOC)
  • CASA Licenced Remote Pilots (RePL)
  • Night operation accredited.
  • Full Aviation Insurance Policy
  • Flight Management logged and monitored through CASA approved online platform.

Logged Flight Hours

ARN: 1071598

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1300 RENCON (736 266)

Our Remote Pilot Team


Cheif Remote Pilot


Senior Remote Pilot – Victoria


Senior Remote Pilot – Queensland


Remote Pilot – Victoria


Q: What ares do you service? A: We have operators in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

Q: What do you charge? A: The majority of our work is charged hourly and each project either big or small will be carfully assessed before providing a price.

Q: Is there anywhere you can’t fly? A: Yes there are certain areas of no-fly zones in Australia. Our cheif pilot will provide answers as to if we can operate on or near your property.

Prefferd Training Provider

We use VUAS in Victoria.

Dedicated Services

Aerial Koala/Fauna Detection


Using FLIR’s advanced radiometric thermal sensor and 4K visual sensor our camera technology is second to none for identifying, geo tagging and counting native animals such as koalas. Our pilots have hundreds of hours and well trained eyes for picking up animals that otherwise would be hard to see from the ground up.

Aerial Carbon Data Collection

 We provide aerial data capture for our clients and their clients looking to secure Carbon Credits. We have independant and portable solutions that can work in remote areas of Australia such as Cental and Southern Queensland pictured above.

Aerial Inspections

With our versitle and nimble M200 fleet of drones, we have the capability to provide nealry any type of aerial inspection including but not limited to crop health inspections, wind turbine inspections, solar panel/farm inspections and roof inspections.

Bushfire Hot Spot Dection

Using our miliatary grade thermal cameras coupled with experienced Bushfire/Forest Fire fighting crews, our ability to detect post fire hotspots provides for a complete service.

Aerial Photography

Using off the shelf technology there are no simpler means than to capture photographs from above for Real Estate sales, promotion for your business, special occasion or event.

Vermin Identification

Identifying and counting wild animals for goverment departments or landholders day or night comes with the territory for our commercial fleet of drones. 

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